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Mind Hack Tactics

Is it your dream to have the power to make girls long to be by your side and get them to do all of your biddings whenever you want them to? While this may sound like the ultimate dream for most guys, a lot of other guys seem to think that this is impossible to do if they don’t have the looks or the money to persuade girls to do what they want. This isn’t true, though.

Couple on the beach

Getting your woman to be always at your side is every guy’s ultimate dream. Know how to do it.

As long as you have the right techniques of seduction by your side, you can actually get your dream girl to do anything that you want just by asking her nicely – believe it. Read on to find out the basic techniques on how to get this power yourself.

1. Work on building up suspense. If you want to get a girl to follow your orders, you have to build up anticipation. Girls generally love drama and suspense, so if you keep giving them that, they will always be all over you. In fact, the more suspense and hype that you build up, the more they will run after you as time goes by.

2. Play up the confusion. Another thing you should make sure of is that girls never feel too comfortable around you. If a girl feels like she doesn’t have to put too much effort into getting your attention, she is sure to lose interest in you in no time. On that note, you are sure to lose a girl’s interest fairly quickly, if she finds you too easy to read, as well. As such, you should always make it a point to give girls a hard time, confuse them and keep them guessing whenever it comes to your overall intentions. Playing mind games with her puts you in control of her mind.

3. Play up the drama. Having said that, you should know that girls also love drama, especially when their lives are normally boring, dreary and uneventful. In fact, it is safe to say that drama makes a lot of girls happy. So, if you can give your dream girl the drama that she longs for, you can make yourself look irresistible in her eyes and make her crave you like never before.

4. Practice psychological techniques. Psychological techniques happen to be very effective in making girls vulnerable to a guy’s advances, regardless of whether he is a newbie or a professional in the field of seduction. In fact, there are several psychological techniques out there that can help you read a girl’s thoughts and make her long for you emotionally and physically with ease.

man ignoring woman

Ignoring her to get her attention always works!

5. Find out the secret formula. Truth be told, getting into a girl’s head and making yourself more attractive in her eyes isn’t hard to do at all. You just need to find out the secret formula that will work well for you and give you the power to make your dream girl fall for you in no time. If you find the perfect formula for you, you can turn girls into putty, no matter how experienced you are in the world of dating. Pretending to ignore them always seems to work! Morrissey’s “The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get” is so true. For tips on how to pretend to ignore your woman, read this.

How to Build Emotional Rapport with Women

If you want to make women feel more comfortable around you, so that they will want to spend more time with you, one of the most important things that you need to do is learn how to connect with their emotions and appreciate them for what they actually are instead of for how they look.

picture of a dating couple

Building rapport with a woman requires focus.

Keep in mind that you have to build rapport in a very natural manner, though. Women happen to have this gift where they can detect whether a man is being sincere with them or not. So, if you ever lose focus in what you are doing, they are sure to notice and drop you like a hot potato in no time. It’s not enough that you know how to seduce a woman. It doesn’t end there.

In other words, if you want to build emotional rapport with a woman, you have to focus your attention on her and forget about everything else. This means forgetting about all of those worries in your head about what your next move should be. Again: when women sense an ulterior motive, they will leave you behind right away.

Of course, there are many different ways with which you can build rapport. One effective method would be mirroring. It is quite obvious that a couple is in rapport when they start to adopt mirror-image postures. Sometimes, they might hold their glass on the same side, for example, or place their hands in the same way. So, if you want to develop rapport with a women quickly, then just mimic her position and posture whenever you remember to. The good news is that if you practice this enough, it will soon become second nature to you and you will be able to improve your game even further afterwards.

Another effective method to build rapport quickly would be to reveal your vulnerability in the right way. According to an article from The Telegraph, some women prefer weaker men but weakness is relative. Unfortunately, a lot of people make the mistake of revealing their vulnerability by showcasing low value and weakness. This wouldn’t be advisable. Telling a woman some sob story about an ex girlfriend, for example, would be a big mistake because it will merely make you look like a child who cannot move on from the past.

Instead of focusing on the past like that, one good way to build emotional rapport with women would be through future projections. Basically, all you have to do is share an exciting fantasy with a woman. Talk about a great trip that you went on or an adventure you are planning on taking in the near future. There is no need to be over-the-top here, though; just have some fun with it. This way you are controlling a girl’s mind without her or anybody noticing. Since women have much stronger emotions compared to men, you can actually make a woman feel great by delving into her imagination and making her see fun things that you have already experienced or are about to experience. She definitely won’t forget you when you do.

If you practice the aforementioned techniques on a regular basis and keep watching other couples who are already in rapport whenever you are out, you are sure to see great results in no time. Female psychology is a great way to know your woman and keep a lasting relationship with her.

What Women Want from Men

If there is one thing that men seem to have trouble doing, it is learning how to please women – both inside and outside of the bed room. The good news is that most men try to find out as much about the topic as possible in order to solve that problem, though. Plus, if something isn’t working with the opposite sex, men tend to become even more determined in fixing the problem. And that is why you are here: to find out what you can do to look more attractive in the eyes of women nowadays. explains what women really love about men, and here’s a few tips that you can use to be the best man you could be for any woman.

 Show women that you can provide for them.

Despite the fact that a lot of women work nowadays, they still tend to look for men who can take care of their future families. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be rich in order to attract a woman nor does it mean that every woman you date will want to marry you. However, women do tend to think about things in the long term. So, if you can show a woman that you are capable of taking care of a family, then she will feel secure and safe around you, find you more attractive overall, and you getting her to like you even more.

Beautiful woman

Be a gentleman.

As mentioned earlier, women are quite independent nowadays. Despite that fact, though, a woman still wants a man who is a gentlemen, will open doors for her, and will be respectful of every aspect of her personality. Naturally, it would help if you are endearing and attractive, too.

Make it a point to always look good.

Having said that, it would be vital for you to make an effort when it comes to your looks. How can you approach a woman with confidence if you don’t put an effort to look decent? Although you don’t have to be the best looking man out there, women do like men who make an effort to look good. In fact, it would be best if you don’t look too good because men who look too good only make women feel incredibly insecure in the long run. Plus, women automatically think that good-looking men are more prone to cheating, so aim to look decent, not to look incredibly hot and sexy, instead.

 Be sensitive.

On that note, it would be helpful if you are considerate and kind to women, in general. It would be a bonus if you buy her roses without any occasion, as well. In fact, doing so every now and then can easily melt and win any woman’s heart. Since women love to get pampered and showered with gifts, you are sure to win over the heart of your woman in no time if you succeed at making her feel special in your presence.

 Now, if you do not exactly fit the bill of all of the factors mentioned above, don’t fret just yet. As long as you at least try to incorporate all of the aforementioned qualities and show women that you have the potential of acquiring them in the long run, you are sure to become a good candidate in their eyes anyway. Don’t worry.

How To Attract Women

A lot of men seem to think that learning how to attract women is hard to do, but the truth is that it doesn’t always have to be. While the majority of men simply accept the fact that they will never be able to attract gorgeous women, smart men know that this simply isn’t true. Believe it or not, every man has the power to attract any woman that he wants and succeed at winning her over in the end – and that includes you.

If you know several men who can attract women without even trying, then you are probably wondering what kind of powers these men possess that enables them to do so at a whim. Well, these men are known to be female magnets mainly because women see things in them that they simply cannot see in you. Don’t worry, though. If you feel dejected right now, keep in mind that a lot of men other out there feel the exact same way and resign themselves into believing that they will never attract gorgeous women, too. In other words: you aren’t alone.

The funny thing is that the technique in attracting women and succeeding is actually so simple that you might not believe your eyes. For starters, you won’t need a psychology degree or any sort of special education to use this technique. (Unless you want to use female psychology loophole techniques – and if so read this blog article). Second of all, the first time you try it, you might get surprised at how effective it is at attracting gorgeous women. With it, you should be able to approach any woman of your choice naturally and confidently in no time at all, just like the other men that you look up to right now. And, once you see how good the female response is to it, you will definitely start wondering why you never used this technique ages ago.

How To Attract A Woman – The SeductionFAQ Way

So, how can you effectively attract women, then? Just be yourself! That’s right. Women happen to love men who are real. In fact, this is exactly what women look for in every man. Women also love men who are confident, though… and they want to be seduced. You would be surprised if you find that that one of the most preeminent questions in a woman’s mind is to know how to get seduced by a confident man.

Remember: if you feel anxious or nervous before approaching a woman, she will easily be able to detect your anxiety through your facial expressions, your body language and your manner of breathing. So, just be yourself and act natural whenever you choose to approach a woman. After that, all that is left to do is to make sure that you keep the conversation going and don’t forget to make her laugh every now and then.

Now, another key tip to learning how to attract women is to learn how to genuinely make them laugh. See, aside from men who can hold good conversations, women also love men with a great sense of humor. After all, what woman would want to have a boring conversation with a man when they could have a much happier and livelier conversation with somebody else?

It’s important to understand that even if you do things right you might face the possibility of getting “friend-zoned“. If you fall into this trap, follow these tips.

Take Massive Action!

Naturally, you won’t be able to see any positive results, if you just keep reading these tips. You have to go out there and do them. Soon after that, women will start falling for you naturally. Just remember to be yourself. This might be completely against what some other “dating gurus” are telling you, but it’s true.

If you want something more powerful then read this.

Female Psychology

Female Psychology – Using A “Loophole” In The Female Mind to Seduce a Woman Quickly

Most men get scared of the thought of rejection whenever they see a woman that they like. Unfortunately, this is the main reason why so many men fail when they try to seduce a woman to begin with. However, if you can just overcome this fear with the proper knowledge and guaranteed methods that are sure to work, then you shouldn’t have any more trouble learning how to master the art of using female psychology to seduce a woman in the future.

Naturally, you will still need to remember the most important thing, though: that, although you might never get over this fear completely, you can still stop it from taking over your mentality too much. All you have to do is learn the following seduction techniques that will help you seduce a woman and succeed at picking women up every single at time.

Female Psychology Hacks – What You Need To Know To Attract Women

Picture of loophole in female psychology

Utilizing female “loophole” techniques to seduce women is morally questionable, and is undeniably effective. One of such techniques is fractionation – find out more here

  • Tactic Number One: Practice indifference.

Even though this tactic might seem very obvious, the first thing you need to do to seduce a woman successfully is to avoid complimenting her all the time and showering her with too much attention.

If this is what you currently do, then you have to stop doing so in order to raise the anticipation and make her run after you instead. What you actually have to do to successfully seduce a woman is treat her just like you would anybody else and just flirt with her very subtly. This way, you can make sure that she stays interested in you for a long time.

  • Tactic Number Two: Flaunt what you’ve got.

Believe it or not, you can seduce a woman easily just by standing out in a crowd. Basically, if everybody else focuses their attention on you, they will know that you look good in other people’s eyes and, in turn, pay more attention to you. So, make sure you pay attention to what happens all around you. Be observant and smart and try to get a high-standing and popular aura about you as much as possible.

One of the easiest ways to seduce a woman this way would be by looking good. Naturally, if you still dress like a guy from the 70s, there is now way you will get a woman to like you without a complete makeover first. Once you transform your outer self, you can the present yourself to women better. Just remember: women love good fashion sense and cleanliness in a man more than anything else.

  • Tactic Number Three: Be romantic and suave.

Aside from being more fashionable and looking good, you will also have to focus on becoming more romantic and more polished, if you want to seduce a woman and succeed in the end. Fortunately, if you need help with this, you can simply look for a dating guru who can help you bring your inner romantic out in no time.

  • Tactic Number Four: Make yourself look more valuable.

Women have this innate sense of picking out leaders form a group. So, men who seem naturally authoritative won’t actually have to work to much to seduce a woman in the long run. To become one of these men, all you really have to do is smile, sit, move and stand like they don’t care about what women think about them.

To pull this off, though, you will need to work on your alpha personality first. To begin, work no making yourself look, act and seem more valuable. This will make women crave your attention more. In fact, women tend to fall for men with high self-value pretty quickly and might even fight one another just to get your attention all to themselves – believe it.

  • Tactic Number Five: Stop worshiping women.

If you keep putting women on a pedestal, then you can just say goodbye to all of your power in the game of dating and seduction altogether. See, if you show women how much you like them, then you basically just give them the power to throw you away anytime that they want to.

Remember: power comes with respect and once you lose both of those things, you can lose women’s affections at the same time. Besides, men who worship women usually get rejected faster than other men do.

So, what you have to do is make women feel like you are too good for them. Show them that, no matter how much they preen or make themselves look good, you will never stoop so low as to run after them because you know that you have all the moves (thanks to SeductionFAQ, no less) to get them to run after you instead.

  • Tactic Number Six: Do not limit your options.
amazing image of women psychology in love and relationships

Once you mastered these female psychology techniques, the sky is the limit when it comes to dating and seducing women. Believe it!

On that note, you should never show women that you are interested in them. If you do this, then you will simply look desperate and they will know that they have the upper hand. So, instead, get the woman that you like more intrigued by talking to other women more than you talk to her. This will show her that you have a high status in society and will make her gravitate to you faster. Also, don’t place all of your hopes on a single woman. That would make you extra desperate, and this in turn WILL sabotage your game.

  • Tactic Number Seven: Work on your weaknesses.

If you feel nervous or anxious while trying to win a woman over, work on that weakness and make it seem like you are excited instead. Accept that nerves and dating go hand-in-hand, but use that nervousness as fuel for your energy. Remember: being nervous is fine, as long as you know that you still have the power in the end. Being confident is still the number #1 most desirable trait in a man.

  • Tactic Number Eight: Toy with her emotions.

If you really want to seduce a woman, then you have to remind yourself that they always long for an emotional connection. This means that you should toy with her emotions and send her on a roller coaster ride. Support her one minute, for example, just to detach yourself from her the next. Although this might confuse her in the beginning, she will find herself drawn to your caring and loving side more and more.

By understanding female psychology you will gain an upper edge as a seducer. And in order to be good at this, you will need to know about the existence of a set of female psychology loopholes which have existed for many years (in the underground seduction community). With these techniques, you will be unstoppable as a seducer – in fact you’ll be spoiled for choice as far as getting dates is concerned.

Fractionation – The Ultimate Female Psychology Seduction Secret

A particular loophole technique known as Fractionation is known to be able to make women fall in love rather quickly. In the hands of an expert seducer, he may be able to use the technique to make a woman love him in as little as 15 minutes. It’s that powerful!

Needless to say, these techniques could possibly mess with a woman’s mind if used wrongly. Therefore, if you decide to use this stuff, then you should abide by the cardinal rule of seduction:- always leave a woman better than when you have found her. If you agree to this condition, then go here -

You will be able to watch a video which shows this technique in all its glory. Learn it, use it, and most importantly – don’t abuse it!