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Mind Hack Tactics

Is it your dream to have the power to make girls long to be by your side and get them to do all of your biddings whenever you want them to? While this may sound like the ultimate dream for most guys, a lot of other guys seem to think that this is impossible to do if they don’t have the looks or the money to persuade girls to do what they want. This isn’t true, though.

Couple on the beach

Getting your woman to be always at your side is every guy’s ultimate dream. Know how to do it.

As long as you have the right techniques of seduction by your side, you can actually get your dream girl to do anything that you want just by asking her nicely – believe it. Read on to find out the basic techniques on how to get this power yourself.

1. Work on building up suspense. If you want to get a girl to follow your orders, you have to build up anticipation. Girls generally love drama and suspense, so if you keep giving them that, they will always be all over you. In fact, the more suspense and hype that you build up, the more they will run after you as time goes by.

2. Play up the confusion. Another thing you should make sure of is that girls never feel too comfortable around you. If a girl feels like she doesn’t have to put too much effort into getting your attention, she is sure to lose interest in you in no time. On that note, you are sure to lose a girl’s interest fairly quickly, if she finds you too easy to read, as well. As such, you should always make it a point to give girls a hard time, confuse them and keep them guessing whenever it comes to your overall intentions. Playing mind games with her puts you in control of her mind.

3. Play up the drama. Having said that, you should know that girls also love drama, especially when their lives are normally boring, dreary and uneventful. In fact, it is safe to say that drama makes a lot of girls happy. So, if you can give your dream girl the drama that she longs for, you can make yourself look irresistible in her eyes and make her crave you like never before.

4. Practice psychological techniques. Psychological techniques happen to be very effective in making girls vulnerable to a guy’s advances, regardless of whether he is a newbie or a professional in the field of seduction. In fact, there are several psychological techniques out there that can help you read a girl’s thoughts and make her long for you emotionally and physically with ease.

man ignoring woman

Ignoring her to get her attention always works!

5. Find out the secret formula. Truth be told, getting into a girl’s head and making yourself more attractive in her eyes isn’t hard to do at all. You just need to find out the secret formula that will work well for you and give you the power to make your dream girl fall for you in no time. If you find the perfect formula for you, you can turn girls into putty, no matter how experienced you are in the world of dating. Pretending to ignore them always seems to work! Morrissey’s “The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get” is so true. For tips on how to pretend to ignore your woman, read this.

How to Prevent Rejection in Women

Before you continue reading this article, you need to realize that there is only one guaranteed way to avoid getting rejected by women in today’s day and age, and that is to sit at home and avoid women altogether. Naturally, there is no fun in that, though, so you have to accept that rejection may come with the territory when approaching women. The best thing to do at this point would be to simply deal with that fact. In the end, the more you practice, the more you will be able to successfully meet young or old women and convince them to go out with you.

Here are several tips on how you can convince women to go out with you and prevent rejection in women as much as possible:

Tip Number One: Focus on Your Timing.

No matter how charismatic or charming you may, you will never have an easy time winning women over or getting them to go out with you if you have no idea how timing works. So, how can you perfect timing? How can you figure out when would be the best time to approach a woman and make your move? How do you get a conversation started? Well, for starters, you will need to learn how to read female body language. After that, you can start looking for the right signs that will tell you that a woman is ready to be approached and flirted with. If a woman isn’t showcasing any signs of interest in interacting, then it would be best to move on to another target instead.

Tip Number Two: Engage Her in Enthralling Conversation.

If you want to get a woman to go out with you, then you have to get her to fall in love with each minute that she spends with you. To do this, you simply have to start with a goal in mind every single time you decide to approach a woman. Tell yourself that this is the day you will sweep a woman off of her feet. Tell yourself that you can make this woman feel like you are her knight of shining armor. This may sound like a tall task right now, but it really doesn’t have to be. Just put yourself in the shoes of a role, like the “mysterious hot stranger” who is an expert at seduction, and the majority of women that you meet that day will think that you are the best man they could possibly meet.

Tip Number Three: Amp Up the Sexual Tension.

Another thing that you have to do is to get a woman to feel intense sexual tension whenever she sees you – a tension so high that she has to succumb to your every wish. Sexual tension sort of works like a magic formula, with which you can make women throw away any bits of hesitation that they may be feeling and get them to do whatever you want them to. Once you succeed at boosting the levels of sexual tension between you, you shouldn’t have any more trouble escalating things with a woman of your own accord.