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SMS that Makes a Girl Want to Have You

You might think that texting is too impersonal to use when turning on a girl. However, it is possible to turn texts into something incredibly seductive to get a girl’s attention. This would work especially well if you are too nervous to face a girl and ask her out that way.

Before text messaging was invented, guys had to turn to other methods to show a girl that they were interested in her. They had to pass her a note, tell a mutual friend or leave a note on her car, for example. Fortunately, now that texts exist, it is possible to just deliver private texts in an instant in order to get the job done and seduce her along the process.

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Before you can attract a girl, you will have to get her to notice you in a positive manner first. In fact, you shouldn’t turn to texts to turn on a girl until you have already gotten to know her a little bit better first. There must be enough emotional connection between the both of you for this to work. This way, she can picture you vividly in her mind while you text each other. If you left a great impression on her when you got her number, then things should go very smoothly from the start.

Once you have reached a certain level of comfort with the girl you are trying to win over, you can attract her more by texting her things that will make her feel better about herself, show her how much you like her or just compliment her, in general. Make sure you are always polite in your texts, as well. If she is at work or in class, or if she is stuck in traffic, then stop texting her until she has more time to focus on texting you.

If you have no idea when she would be free, they try texting her around the same time that you met and exchanged numbers. Ideally, your first text should be a compliment about something that you noticed about her the last time that you saw her, like her smile, her clothes, her intelligence or her eyes. Try to leave her physique out of the picture for now, though.

Once you have been texting each other for a while and have actually gone on a date or two, you can start to implant sexual thoughts and get her to warm up towards you by using some originality in your texts.

A corny starter text would be great for this. Try this pickup line on for size. “Are you from Tennessee? Because you are the only ten I see.” This might sound corny, but it is sure to elicit some laughter from her. Plus, it will let her know that you find her attractive. You can even ask her what she is wearing and then, after she replies, follow up with, “I didn’t think you would be so bundled up, seeing as you’re so hot!” If she keeps texting you back in a positive manner after that, then you can keep sending her little texts like that to embed yourself in her thoughts for good, and who knows– the two of you might end up being more than just friends.