How to Attract A Girl On The Phone

A lot of guys feel like the king of the world after they successfully charm their way into a girl’s world and get her number. What they fail to realize, though, is that this is just the beginning of a longer journey. After all, you will have to learn how to attract a girl on the phone in order to get her to go out on a date with you.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys mess up while learning phone seduction. So, if you don’t want your trouble of getting a girl’s number to go to waste and lose your chances of making a good first impression on the phone, read on.

Before starting, you have to realize that the game of seduction can change drastically when you are learning how to seduce a girl on the phone since the environment is very different there than in real life. This also applies to situations where you rely on texting to attract a girl, or if you want to email a girl.

First of all, she will not be able to see you, so you have to depend on your verbal skills to put her in the right mood. Second of all, she might have forgotten who she gave her number to, so you have to remind her how you met and where you met. Now, if you still have no idea where to start or how to create a successful and easy flow of conversation, here are a couple of helpful tips that you can look into:

How To Attract A Girl Over The Phone

Firstly, let humor be your guide.

The first hurdle that you will have to get over in order to succeed in how to pick up a girl (over the phone or face-to-face) is your nervousness. One easy way to get over this is to use some humor. Get the girl in the mood and make her laugh. If you succeed at doing this, you can be sure that she won’t awkwardly end your conversation at any point. Plus, if things go well, you will be able to get her to go on a date with you, too. The main goal here would be to simply keep her entertained for long enough for you to ask her out properly.

Of course, you can immediately jump into using a technique like fractionation (watch this video if you don’t know how to), but it could well be an overkill to use such a powerful tactic early on in the game…

Secondly, have a cliffhanger ready.

Knowing how to seduce a girl over the phone is essential for any man – learn it!

The second hurdle that you will have to get over on phone game is boredom. To do this, you will have to keep her interested during your conversation. Click here if you need tips on how to talk to girls. Remember: if you end up boring her at any point, you can say goodbye to that potential date and to ever seeing her again. Google “Conversational Seduction” if you need a program to help you with rapport building.

Ideally, you should dial her number while already having a cliffhanger ready. Then, try and come up with a flow of conversation that will lead to you telling your story with an open ending. If you leave her hanging, then she will want to meet up with you to find out the ending to your story.

Remember: curiosity is a big help at attracting a girl, so if you get her curiosity levels to spike high enough, you might even get her to ask you out instead. Fortunately, a girl’s curiosity is easy to provoke, so don’t be scared use this knowledge to your full advantage. Just be slick and work like a pro.

You can also use fractionation over the phone – the process is the same, and if you stick to the script you will find it much easier to build rapport with any girl you like over the phone. Go here to learn more about this tactic.

Use the technique responsibly!

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