How To Be Dominant With Women

The Key To Ultimate Dominance With Women

Question: “I have no trouble talking to girls, but I’m simply not sexual enough most of the time, so they end up seeing me as nothing more than just a friend. I have tried using sexual innuendo, but to no avail. Also, do you have any tips on conveying dominant body language in a party or club environment? Should I maybe lead her to certain places, sit her down properly, place my hand on her back? I just really need to show some sexuality or dominance somehow.”

SeductionFAQ’s Answer: Let us concentrate on dominance. If you want to portray dominant body language, you have to lead. All of the things you have mentioned above are great. Seriously, if you concentrate on thinking in a dominant manner, your actions will be dominant, too. So, try this focus out instead of looking for new tactics:

“I have self control. I can decide things on my own and decide things for other people. I am capable of making anybody feel happy and safe.” Don’t just think it, though. Make sure you really feel this way. This might take several tries, but after you master this focus, you will always have dominant body language whatever you do.

How should I hold a girl’s hand?

Question: “I don’t know why but something doesn’t feel right whenever I try to hold a girl’s hand. I feel like I’ll get rejected – that she’ll drop my hand if I make my move or some shit.”

SeductionFAQ’s Answer: Looks like we have the same history. You know how my dating techniques work and you know how you can meet women. Your question is mere proof that meeting these women truly is about mind over matter. As a matter of fact, I’m willing to bet that you can be completely unstoppable after you pass by this particular roadblock.

Here’s what you should do: When crossing the road, take her hand and protect her through traffic by leading her through it. The first two times you do this, drop her hand afterwards, but after the third time, don’t let go of her hand. This always works; it’s like magic. I’m looking forward to hearing another story of success from you. :)

How can I ignite more passion in women?

Question: “I find myself getting tired of games and even women. Now, don’t take this the wrong way: I have no interest in switching teams. I think it just has something to do with the women that I meet, really. But what else can I do if I’ve lost interest in the games and if I only want to have sex with women? What can I do if a couple of hours is becoming too long to listen to their nonsense in order to get them into bed? Plus, these women generally hardly do anything anymore when we do end up making out or having sex.”

SeductionFAQ’s Answer: Truthfully, you sound jaded because of your lack of success in the female department. I’m not trying to insult you or anything; I’ve been through it, too.

This usually happens if you’re going through a bad breakup or a low streak. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a step-by-step guide on overcoming this phase since time is really the only thing that will cure it. But I can teach you how to ignite more passion in women overall using a simple female psychology trick. This technique comes in the form of three basic steps:

  1. Take note of something that you can call “passionate”. For example, if she talks to her friends excitedly or touches you.
  2. Point this passionate thing out to her.
  3. Mention how much you like that she’s passionate. Then say something like: “I love that you’re so passionate when it comes to your friends. You actually seem to be a very passionate person overall. That’s great.” By doing this, you can ignite more passion out of her. This works every single time – believe it.

How can I meet girls if all I want is to be in a relationship for the long term?

Question: “Do you have any advice for someone who only wants to get into a relationship for the long term? I have no intentions of meeting a woman to sleep with her within a week or a month. I seriously just want a serious relationship where sex doesn’t come up until we know one another very well.”

SeductionFAQ’s Answer: You aren’t the only one with this particular focus; a lot of other men have it, too. But if this is starting to hurt you, you should know that just because a woman has sex with you quickly doesn’t necessarily mean that she isn’t girlfriend material.

As a matter of fact, my most passionate and greatest relationships were with girls whom I had slept with quickly. I would even go so far as to recommend sleeping with a girl as fast as possible f you want a relationship that will last for the long term.

There are many reasons behind this, but they can be summarized into this: an ultra strong bond will be formed with her and she will feel extreme passion for you. Plus, she will end up being much more loyal for years to come. So, if you are hoping to find a great girlfriend, sleep with her – fast. Learn how to seduce a woman to bed quickly – and you will be able to score long term relationships as easily.

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