How to Be More Than Just Friends

Some men may be happy with being friends with the women that they are secretly in love with, but if you are sick and tired of being just friends with the one that you love, then now would be the time to step up your game for a change. The road to turning a friend into a girlfriend may be a long one, but in the end, it’s always worth it. Conversely, if you are still a shy, single virgin who knows nothing about attracting women to begin with, then don’t worry. It is actually really easy to do. Plus, you will be able to work on your confidence and become more sociable as a whole in the process. Here are some of the best ways to attract the woman of your dreams and finally become more than just her friend. Here’s what you have to do.

  • Stop Being Mr. Nice guy.

Although it is nice to be nice to a woman every once in a while, being too nice is going to do nothing but ensure that you stay nothing but her friend forever. In case you haven’t noticed, the majority of women out there go gaga over men who look like bad boys and exude a certain bad boy vibe. This is because women love confidence– something alpha males possess in general. Well, men who are dominating and always seem to be in control of every situation portray the utmost confidence. So, if you start acting and looking like a bit of a bad boy yourself, you could actually make yourself look much sexier and more superior over the competition in no time.

  • Never Be at Her Beck and Call.

If you follow your friend around like a puppy, then she will only get annoyed and leave you hanging in the long run. Even worse, she might get completely freaked out and tell people you’re a stalker. She might even stop being your friend altogether. So, the best thing to do for now would be to just relax and stay calm. In other words, do not rush her into anything. This will only scare her off completely.

  • Say No Once in a While.

If you keep doing what your girl friend tells you to do or if you keep agreeing to her every request, then she is sure to start taking advantage of you in no time because she will realize that she has got you in the palm of her hand. Value yourself more than that from now on and prove that you aren’t desperate for her attention. This is sure to intrigue her and make her wonder why you’ve changed so much. Soon after, she will start running after you for a change.

  • Master the Art of Flirting.

In the world of dating and seduction, nothing works better than effective flirting. In fact, nothing will ever happen, if you aren’t an effective flirt. So, go out there and start making more eye contact with your friend, smiling at her, winking at her, and engaging her in interesting and semi-sexual repartee. Do all these and you might see the slightest signs of your friend falling for you. :-D You’ll find yourself making out with your gal pal in no time.

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