How to Build Emotional Rapport with Women

If you want to make women feel more comfortable around you, so that they will want to spend more time with you, one of the most important things that you need to do is learn how to connect with their emotions and appreciate them for what they actually are instead of for how they look.

picture of a dating couple

Building rapport with a woman requires focus.

Keep in mind that you have to build rapport in a very natural manner, though. Women happen to have this gift where they can detect whether a man is being sincere with them or not. So, if you ever lose focus in what you are doing, they are sure to notice and drop you like a hot potato in no time. It’s not enough that you know how to seduce a woman. It doesn’t end there.

In other words, if you want to build emotional rapport with a woman, you have to focus your attention on her and forget about everything else. This means forgetting about all of those worries in your head about what your next move should be. Again: when women sense an ulterior motive, they will leave you behind right away.

Of course, there are many different ways with which you can build rapport. One effective method would be mirroring. It is quite obvious that a couple is in rapport when they start to adopt mirror-image postures. Sometimes, they might hold their glass on the same side, for example, or place their hands in the same way. So, if you want to develop rapport with a women quickly, then just mimic her position and posture whenever you remember to. The good news is that if you practice this enough, it will soon become second nature to you and you will be able to improve your game even further afterwards.

Another effective method to build rapport quickly would be to reveal your vulnerability in the right way. According to an article from The Telegraph, some women prefer weaker men but weakness is relative. Unfortunately, a lot of people make the mistake of revealing their vulnerability by showcasing low value and weakness. This wouldn’t be advisable. Telling a woman some sob story about an ex girlfriend, for example, would be a big mistake because it will merely make you look like a child who cannot move on from the past.

Instead of focusing on the past like that, one good way to build emotional rapport with women would be through future projections. Basically, all you have to do is share an exciting fantasy with a woman. Talk about a great trip that you went on or an adventure you are planning on taking in the near future. There is no need to be over-the-top here, though; just have some fun with it. This way you are controlling a girl’s mind without her or anybody noticing. Since women have much stronger emotions compared to men, you can actually make a woman feel great by delving into her imagination and making her see fun things that you have already experienced or are about to experience. She definitely won’t forget you when you do.

If you practice the aforementioned techniques on a regular basis and keep watching other couples who are already in rapport whenever you are out, you are sure to see great results in no time. Female psychology is a great way to know your woman and keep a lasting relationship with her.

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