How To Connect Emotionally With A Woman

I received this question from a SeductionFAQ reader yesterday“I want to end up with a gorgeous woman who is civil to everybody and looks sophisticated at all times. I want to learn how to make a woman like that smile. How to connect emotionally with a woman, in general?”

The answer’s so simple that it might astound you.

Without a doubt, learning how to connect emotionally with a woman can give you a rush of success when you say all of the right things. So, how can you learn how to make a good connection with the woman of your dreams, then?

Well, interaction is the key to making the dating game exciting, and this needs to start the minute you talk to the woman that you like if you want to learn ways to connect emotionally with a woman right away. If you have found yourself in situations before where you could never find the perfect words to say in the dating game, then don’t worry. You aren’t alone.

SeductionFAQ’s Method On Building Strong Emotional Connections

In fact, even if you have approached women who turned around and left you hanging because of your lame pickup lines, do not fret.You can still learn from these mistakes. All you have to do is realize that the key factor on how to connect emotionally with a woman is through her emotions.

Building emotional connection with the girl you want to seduce is essential to your success. Click here for a video on how to do this quickly and easily.

Generally speaking, pickup lines do not really work when it comes to attracting women. So, instead of memorizing pickup lines, try to personalize your overall approach instead. Here’s what you can do:

  • Make her feel special.

A lot of men mistakenly think that physical contact is the only way to make women feel special, but this isn’t true – especially if she isn’t your girlfriend yet. Remember: a woman won’t be interested in dating you if you don’t show her that you are sincere when it comes to your feelings, so try to make her feel special somehow. Winning a girl over requires you to take a little effort to impress her.

  • Feign irrationality.

Once you have established some rapport with the woman that you like, you have to get her to see you in a different light. One way to do this would be to feign irrationality to ensure that she gets hooked onto your mystique. Try using lines, like “I can’t exactly explain how I feel about you”, and she will become attracted to you in no time. This is because women find the unexplainable extremely attractive by nature – it’s part of the female psychology.

  • Keep your emotions in check.

You are a man, so it is only natural if you feel anxiety, fear and lust like any other man out there. The important thing is to keep those emotions in check whenever you are around her. One way to do this would be to take the reigns whenever you start talking about something emotional and then steer the conversation anyway you want to. This applies to online seduction as well – click here if you want to know about creating emotional connections online.

These three techniques on how to connect emotionally with a woman work for every man. You just have to make sure that you develop a strong emotional bond with a woman and you can make her fall for you in no time. But if you need something more powerful, try fractionation. Mind winning techniques such as these are known to be super effective when it comes to seducing women – you will be losing out if you don’t use them.

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