How to Get Her

[/dc]E[/dc]very guy has fallen for a special girl at least once in their lives. You know the one. She has a sweet personality, a perfect face and great hair. She dates nice guys most of the time, though, so how can you prove to her that you are worth her time and make her take notice?

While guys usually take notice of a girl when she looks good, girls tend to take notice of a guy when his personality shines. So, the perfect guy for any girl would basically be an alpha male - a confident leader who always gets what he wants when he wants it. Being an alpha male is the quickest way for a girl to get to like you, almost instantly.

As such, what you have to do to get a girl’s attention is not to be needy, but to make her feel like she has to earn your time. In fact, the best trait to have towards any girl that you like would be nonchalance. In other words, you should pretend like you don’t care whether she is interested in you or not. Do not make her think that you are challenged by her, either, but be a challenge yourself.

Aside from placing more value on yourself, you should also build up your social circle and make friends with a lot of other girls. Fortunately, girls are easy to become friends with. It is getting them to go out with you that is the hard part. On that note, though, you should try and go on dates with as many girls as possible. This will help you keep your mind off of the special girl that you want to win over in the end. Picking up girls is an art– you have to know when and how to do it, in order for it to work to your favor.

If your thoughts generally revolve around phrases like “I need to win this girl over!”, “She is the only one for me!” or “I can’t stop thinking about her!”, then surrounding yourself with other girls will help you solve that particular problem with ease.

Besides, whenever girls see other girls attracted to a particular guy, they tend to find themselves attracted to that guy for some reason. This is known as social proof and is a very powerful phenomenon in the opposite sex. If you have ever seen girls drool over a guy who was already surrounded by a ton of other girls, then that would be social proof for you.

Now, while there is nothing wrong in finding a girl gorgeous and feeling something for her, you need to remind yourself that there are many other girls out there who may be just as great as your dream girl. If you keep going in with the mindset that your dream girl is irreplaceable, then she will hold the power over you and eventually lose interest in you altogether. Remember– be the alpha male. Take control over situations and you’d be able to get her in no time.

So, while it is okay to think that she is great, just keep in mind that there are a lot of other great girls out there, too. This will help you eliminate any neediness in your bones, make you look more valuable and get your dream girl to like you in the end.

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