How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

Am I stuck in the “friend zone”?

Question: “So, if we touch each other, but don’t kiss or have sex yet, would that still be considered the ‘friend zone’?’

Answer: Well, you are basically stuck in the “friend zone” if you aren’t getting anywhere with a girl at all. This usually isn’t that big of a deal, but if the girl has been in your life for several years now and you still haven’t gotten anywhere with her, then you definitely need to concentrate on sexual tension and touch her more (but not in a sleazy way obviously).

How come I felt more successful when I was already taken?

Question: “I still face problems when it comes to women. I sometimes meet one with whom I connect with really well and then, the next time we meet, the connection is suddenly gone. Why are my results so inconsistent?”

Answer: There are two reasons why you are more successful when you are taken:

  1. Thanks to biology, women prefer the men that the competition likes.
  2. Whenever you have a girlfriend, you tend to portray dominance while having outstanding body language because you don’t feel the need to impress other women nor do you have the innate goal to talk to one.

So, to improve your overall results tonight, set a different goal for a change. Instead of aiming to sleep with a woman, aim to simply talk to one. Also, relax more. This will help you give off better body language, too. Remember that the women psychology is wired up to be more sensitive to non-verbal ques, so act accordingly.

Steven, how can I beat you when it comes to women?

Question: “First of all, thanks for the great start, Derek. I have been taking in your SeductionFAQ blog posts; I usually only read it once, though, since I’m busy with college. Still, I can actually approach female strangers now, no matter how scary it is sometimes. […] I want to learn all of this because your blog helped me turn my entire life around, but I do want to be better than you. (No offense, but it is possible, right?)”

Answer: The truth is, I am great with women because of my personal cold hard experiences. When I was still learning all of this, I quit working and spent my time meeting women eight hours a day – if not more. So now, I have the job of helping you do the same thing. I literally speak, write and talk about dating and sex for twelve hours every day.

If you want to know the real secret on how to get better with the ladies, here it is: regardless of how much or how little you have learned about women since the day you were born, you can keep getting better and better if you devote your time to meeting more and more women. Well, SeductionFAQ along with my other programs on how to seduce women can speed up that particular process and turn you into a real master with women in no time.

I hope to hear more success stories from you!

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