How To Talk To Girls

A major part of the SeductionFAQ philosophy is to embrace “Conversational Seduction” fully. Indeed, if a man can’t talk to a woman then he won’t be successful at seduction. In today’s blog article, I am going to cover this important aspect of dating and seduction.

Of course, you can just take the ultimate “shortcut” – just use the fractionation seduction technique – to shortcut the whole process and immediately build emotional rapport. But if you build the necessary foundation then you will be in a good position to succeed at dating in the long haul.

Can you still count the amount of times that you have tried calling a girl, but never really knew what to say by the time she picked up the phone? Do you have trouble talking to girls, in general? Don’t worry. A lot of other guys have trouble talking to girls, too. Most of my clients cite this inability to talk to women as their number one sticky point when it comes to relationships.

On that note, a lot of guys also seem to have trouble figuring out what to talk about, which subjects to bring up, what kind of language to use and how to behave while they talk to girls, amongst other things.

You might not know this, but there are actually several things that you will need to keep in mind before you try talking to a girl.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that girls usually evaluate guys based on certain things that they see in their personalities, including their manner of talking. So, if you want to find out how to have meaningful conversations with women and get the results that you want out of the matter, then keep reading.

Conversational Seduction Techniques You Need To Know

  • Make sure you start things off on the right foot.

In today’s day and age, girls expect more than just a “hi” or a “hello” when they get approached by a guy. They also expect better conversations from a guy overall.

Sadly, the majority of guys nowadays get their opening lines or statements completely wrong and, because of this, they end up failing when they try to talk to girls from the very beginning. Ideally, you should try and start your conversation with something extraordinary that will really catch your target’s attention. Remember: girls won’t be interested in keeping a conversation with you unless they see something unique in you and your personality.

  • Do not overdo it.

Girls tend to get turned off by guys who talk far too much. One of the things that  girls tend to look for in a guy’s personality is mystery. In fact, if you divulge too much information about yourself too soon, you could lose that trait right away and, in turn, lose her interest at the same time. So, try to keep things simple and keep your conversations with a girl as short as possible in order to maintain that air of mystery and keep her intrigued for longer. This is also the cornerstone of all “female psychology loopholes” (watch this video to know what it’s all about) – to retain a certain aura while building attraction.

  • Avoid awkward silences.

Awkward silences are sometimes inevitable. Unfortunately, they are never a good thing if you want to impress a girl. So, if you feel an awkward silence coming on or end up finding yourself in one when talking to a girl that you like, try your best to spice things back up as soon as possible; otherwise, she might just send you straight into the boring box and forget about you altogether.

Solution to this – run multiple conversational threads. Read this blog post to know more.

  • Cut your conversations short.

When it comes to talking to girls, cutting your conversations short would always be advisable. No matter how funny or how interesting your conversations might be going, you have to leave the girl hanging every time, so that she keeps on wanting more from you in the future.

The “Hook Point” – What You Need To Know

The “hook point” is when the girl keeps the conversation going whenever there is an uncomfortable silence. This is one of the major Seduction Signals (SS), and when you have reached this point then move on to the next step in seduction – to use conversation to generate intense feelings and associate those feelings with you. For a set of seduction vids on how to do this, go here.

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