How To Turn A Friend Into A Girlfriend

How can I turn a friend into a girlfriend?

Question: “I know this girl quite well and we are always together – in a group, anyway – at least twice a week. As cliche as this sounds, I like her a lot and want to find out if she likes me, too. The thing is: I have no idea how to find out if she does. I asked her if she was free for a coffee once and her response was ‘probably not’. This was a few months ago and now, I have no idea how to go about getting her to like me… but as a boyfriend. Should I give up or are there other things out there that I can try in order to succeed with her?”

SeductionFAQ’s Answer: Watch what she does as opposed to what she says. Touching you means she likes you. Lingering means she likes you. Defending you from other men that are around means she might like you. Those are examples of how you should judge her. But what you should truly concentrate on is how much touching there is in your relationship. If you never touch her, she will never see you as a boyfriend; this is probably why she gave you the ’probably not’ response. Just be more aggressive overall and touch her in a more sexual manner. BUT DON’T FORCE YOURSELF ON HER.

How can I go from Mr. Nice Guy to Mr. Nice Guy…with a Gorgeous Girlfriend?

Question: “Basically, I want to learn how to move from being the nice guy to being the datable guy. I think it might be a bit too late to get this girl – heck, I’m not even sure if she’s worth it – but I want to know how I can ensure a relationship next time instead of constantly hoping things will work out. I’m so sick of being Mr. Nice Guy. I want a gorgeous girlfriend, darn it!”

SeductionFAQ’s Answer: Girls may love nice guys, but they simply don’t get TURNED ON by them. What you need to do is learn how to turn women on by touching her and by being dominant.

Here are the fast and dirty basics:

  1. You need more touching. If you are seen as Mr. Nice Guy, then you probably aren’t doing enough of this. Simply put, you need to let your hands do the talking. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to make random gestures here and there; this means you have to touch her sides and her arms with your hands. This will help you a lot.
  2. Be dominant. Lead. Make decisions. The type of guys that women like are the semi-dangerous ones who can take charge of any situation. So, you might want to change your personality to match that description. Avoid saying “maybe” and stick to a straightforward “no” or “yes”. Also, never force women to make any of your decisions on dates. Tell them where to go and why they would love it there.

If you follow these two basic things, you will be a step farther away from the “friend zone”. Now once you’re out of the friend zone, get cracking by using fractionation in order to get her wildly attracted to you. A simple guide on how to use fractionation is contained in this video.

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