Signs She’s Falling for You – How to Tell If a Girl is Falling for You (The SeductionFAQ Way)

To most guys, it seems that every girl likes every guy that she meets. Admit it: whenever you see a girl talking to somebody of the opposite sex, you automatically assume that she likes the guy she is talking to. This isn’t true, though. Real attraction happens to go much deeper than that and lasts much longer than superficial friendly banter, as well. A girl may smile and give you her phone number, but that isn’t one of the signs she’s falling for you. How do you know she didn’t give you a fake number, for instance?

Don’t worry, for has got the answer. :)

See, if you want to build a real relationship with a girl, you will have to make sure you actually connect with her feelings first (read what we posted previously on this by clicking here). In general, girls – especially the gorgeous ones – are used to having guys run after them. Because of this, they tend to flake out on the guys who cannot get them emotionally hooked onto them from the very start. (Or worse, relegate them to the friend zone).

If you have no idea how to look for signs she’s falling for you or if you tend to mistake polite behavior for genuine attraction, then you need to learn these tips fast in order to find out whether there are actual signs she’s falling for you or not:

Attraction Signs – Watch Out For These “Indicators of Interest”

1. Flirting with the eyes.

One of the indicators of interest (IOIs in the common PUA lexicon) is when she holds your stare for a while before blushing and looking away. You can actually tell if a girl is interested in you just by the way her eyes look at you from up close or from afar. If a girl likes you, you will have her full attention if you are talking face to face and you will be able to see a “smile” in her eyes if she is looking at you from afar.

Conversely, if she is only being polite, you should be able to see the boredom in her eyes. Plus, she will probably be looking around or at other people a lot.

2. Flaunting of the assets.

If a girl likes you, she will always preen in your presence. She might sway her hips more while walking towards you or away from you, for instance, or she might sit up straighter when talking to you. On the other hand, if a girl isn’t interested in you, she won’t really care too much about her looks and she might even face away from you every now and then. If you need more tips on women body language, check out this article by Oprah.

3. Fiddling of the hair.

You might not know this, but a girl’s hair is actually one of her most powerful tools when it comes to flirting. This is why girls tend to see their hair whenever they are in the presence of guys that they like. When girls are bored with the person they are talking to, they will not play with their hair – that’s a mere fact. However, if a girl does like you, she will play with her hair a lot.

So, what should you do if a girl shows all of these signs she’s falling for you? Take advantage of it and use subtle tactics of seduction to completely seal the deal! One of the more popular SeductionFAQ techniques is fractionation – where you can “hack” into a woman’s mind and make her fall in love with you using female psychology techniques. To read about it, click here.

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