What To Say To A Girl You Like

Even though it is still a huge mystery to a lot of men the world over, starting a conversation with a girl you like really isn’t that hard. It only becomes hard once you try to keep an interesting conversation going with her. As such, it would be vital to learn what to say to a girl you like.

Pickup Lines…?

Several guys out there seem to think that all they need to do to win a girl over is to throw great pickup lines her way. Now, although cheesy pickup lines might work on several girls, most of them won’t be very impressed by them. As a matter of fact, some of them might even get turned off by them completely. There are some useless sites on pickup lines (such as this) which you should avoid completely if you want to be good at dating and seducing women!

Man talking to a woman

Learning the art of conversational seduction is essential to any man

Because of this, it would be vital to learn what to say to a girl you like and how to maintain a good conversation going at the same time instead. For starters, one of the things that you should try to avoid like a a plague would be a bout of awkward silence. Knowing exactly what to say to a girl you like has to be automatic or it will feel rehearsed.

Naturally, you won’t just want to engage a girl through conversation, either. You will want to create some sexual tension, too. If you say, “Wow. The sky looks so gloomy. It will probably rain later.”, you won’t create any kind of sexual tension. It will just make you look boring. However, saying something like, “Did you know good mornings result from good nights the night before?” can create sexual tension with a girl almost immediately. Of course, fractionation is perhaps the best method on creating sexual tension – more on that below.

Also, building up sexual tension is important as you want to display a certain amount of male dominance which is highly attractive – I have previously blogged about this here. Also, conversational seduction skills are the cornerstone of the so-called “boyfriend destroyer techniques” – and also if you want to turn a life-long friend into your girlfriend. Proper seduction techniques are a must especially when you’re building up sexual tension.

Hypnosis Through Conversation – A Primer On “How To Seduce”

There are actually a lot of effective methods that you can use to hypnotize girls through conversation and make them addicted to you. Once you grab their attention, you can then learn what to say to a girl you like to maintain and stimulate her interest even further.

If you aren’t particularly handsome or rich, you will have to turn to something else that will work for you, like humor. If you can get a girl to laugh, you are sure to win her undivided attention in no time. Besides, laughter can break down a girl’s defenses altogether, winning her over and give you the ultimate advantage in the world of dating.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to turn into a stand-up comedian, though; just interject some witty quips and funny anecdotes into your conversations every now and then and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself. This will help you build rapport with your dream girl in no time – and this is especially true when you want to approach and pick up women you meet at public places.

It would also be important not to monopolize your conversations with girls. If you do, you might just look egotistical in their eyes. Instead, give them chances to speak and then listen with genuine interest. It would help to ask questions about their jobs, hobbies and background, as well.

Once you master what to say to a girl you like, you will no longer have any trouble enduring uncomfortable bouts of awkward silence again. Remember: talking to girls is nothing but a game, so make sure you emerge a winner by preparing some witty observations and good stories beforehand.

what to say to her to make her like you?

Ability to create emotional rapport with a woman is essential to seduction success

The best way to prepare is to memorize the step-by-step “emotional value elicitation” method which is a large part of the fractionation technique. For a full treatment of the technique (and a video), go to this link -


Watch it, and thank me later. :)

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